Unrivaled bromine production capacity


Unrivaled bromine production capacity

At 280,000 tons per year, ICL has the world’s largest bromine production capacity, which is supplied to diverse industries on a wide global scale as elemental bromine and through bromine compounds.

Bromine is part of the halogen group and exists in nature as bromide salts. The average bromine concentration in seawater is approx. 70 ppm; in brine wells it may range from 2,500 to 4,000 ppm, while in the surface layers of the Dead Sea, the richest bromine source on earth, it reaches 4,500-5,000 ppm. The estimated reserves of bromine in the Dead Sea, expressed in terms of magnesium bromide, are one thousand million tons.

At ICL’s Sdom facility, the Dead Sea brines undergo solar evaporation. The end-brines remaining after precipitation of sodium chloride, carnalite, magnesium chloride and calcium chloride, are bromine-enriched to as much as 12,000 ppm. It is from these end-brines that elemental bromine is extracted.

Bromine use is vital for modern progress. Elemental bromine is the starting point for manufacturing a wide range of bromine compounds, which are used by a wide range of industries for industrial synthesis, bromo butyl rubber, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals (API), agrochemicals, biocides, flame retardant compounds and more. At ICL, we operate three bromine R&D facilities that are constantly engaged in the development of new bromine-based solutions.



A transparent liquid which can be used for various appliacations.


Based on bromine sourced from the Dead Sea, this solution is produced in accordance with the highest purity standard.


This solution's application fields are versatile, and include industrial additives and specialties.


Mainly used as a chemical intermediate for the production of industrial additives, cosmetics and specialties.


Applied in the field of intermediates for fine chemicals, flavors & fragrances, and more.


This solution's main application is based on chemical intermediate use, including organic synthesis.


This solution's applications include intermediates for fine chemicals, flavors & fragrances and personal care.


Applied as a chemical intermediate and solvent in (vapor) degreasing of metal parts.


Used as a chemical intermediate for the production of agrochemical products, quaternary ammonium salts and more.


A liquid applied mainly as an intermediate in fuel additives, personal care ingredients and crop protection agents.


The solution's high purity allows for applications including pharma, industrial additives and personal care.

Ammonium Bromide

Employed in pharmaceutical preparations, as a wood preservative, for water treatment and more.

Ammonium Bromide (Fuzzicide)

A biocide formulation used throughout the paper production process and in industrial water treatment applications.

Ammonium Bromide Solution

A proprietary technology for water disinfection treatment. Applied mainly in paper mills and heat transfer systems.


A highly effective biofilm treatment solution for large pipelines and paper mills.


An effective bromine complexing agent for circulating bromine-based batteries.


Used extensively in the flame retardant industry, and in pharmaceuticals, agriculture & other industries.


A liquid used for pharma & industrial intermediates, fragrances & flavors and more.


Used mainly as a chemical intermediate in the production of pharma & fine chemical intermediates.


A single component biocide solution based on an oxidizing bromine source, used in a range of applications.


A quick kill broad spectrum biocide used in diverse industrial water system applications.

Calcium Bromide 52%

A highly concentrated salt solution commonly used in oil and gas applications.

Calcium Bromide 95%

An inorganic compound commonly used to increase the density of other clear brine fluids.


The solution's main application is as a chemical intermediate for the production of crop protection products.


A polymeric brominated epoxy FR additive recommended for use as an HBr scavenger in XPS and xEPS compositions.


F-2100 is a polymeric brominated epoxy flame retardant additive recommended for use in PBT and PC alloys.

F-2200 HM

F-2200 is a highly brominated epoxy resin. Its crystalline structure makes it easy to handle as a free flowing powder.


F-3014 is a tribromophenol end-capped brominated epoxy flame retardant additive.


A tribromophenol end-capped brominated epoxy FR additive for styrenic copolymers.


F-3060 is a tribromophenol end-capped brominated epoxy flame retardant additive recommended for use in polyesters.


A proprietary polymeric flame retardant additive recommended for use in engineering thermoplastics.


A polymeric flame retardant with a high content of aromatic bromine and excellent thermal stability.


A high molecular weight polymeric flame retardant additive designed for EPS and XPS.


FR-1410 is an additive that features high bromine content coupled with exceptional thermal stability.


Tetrabromobisphenol-A is widely used in the manufacturing of epoxy and phenolic resins.


FR-245 is a brominated cyanurate flame retardant additive used extensively for ABS and HIPS.


FR-370 is a flame retardant additive for PP, PE and HIPS with excellent UV and light stability.


A reactive flame retardant that contains 60% aliphatic bromine.


FR-613 is a reactive flame retardant used as an intermediate for high molecular weight flame retardants.


FR-720 is a flame retardant additive containing both aromatic and aliphatic bromine.


A polymeric flame retardant with high aromatic bromine content and excellent thermal stability.

HBR 48%

Used for preparation of catalysts in PTA/PET production and as an electrolyte for energy storage.

HBR 62%

Used as a bromine source in a variety of chemical syntheses for high-level applications.


Used mainly for polysilicon etching in the electronics industry and as a pharma industry intermediate.


A strong Bromine Complexing Agent (BCA) in bromine-based batteries.


A source of elemental bromine that can be used by coal-based power plants to oxidize mercury present in the coal.


Used for oxidation of mercury present in flue gasses after combustion of coal in power stations/incinerators.


A source of elemental bromine. As a bromine containing compound, can be used to oxidize the mercury present in the coal.


A bromine-containing compound utilized by power plants for coal-based mercury oxidization.

Methyl Bromide

A powerful fumigant used widely for quarantine & pre-shipment as well as space fumigation.

Methyl Bromide IND

A colorless, odorless gas produced from the pure bromine source of the Dead Sea for versatile applications.

Potassium Bromide

Used in combination with copper complexes as heat stabilizer in polyamide compounds.

SaFRon® 6605

A cost-efficient FR system offering a Br and P solution for rigid polyurethane applications.

Sodium Bromide 45%

A solution commonly used in industrial applications such as drilling and completion fluids.

Sodium Bromide Compacted

An inorganic compound commonly used to increase the density of other completion fluids.

Sodium Bromide IND

Employed in various applications and as a bromide source for industrial reactions.

Sodium Bromide WT

Used for industrial water treatment, recreational water treatment and municipal wastewater applications.

TexFRon® 4001

TexFRon® 4001 provides a variety of FR solutions, from soak & wash durable FR coating to adhesives.

TexFRon® 4002

A polymeric FR intended for soak and wash durable FR coating and back-coating formulations.

TexFRon® 9001

TexFRon® 9001 is a flame retardant additive developed for textile & adhesive applications.

TexFRon® P

An FR additive for textile applications, suitable for PET, acrylic blends & cotton/PET blend fabrics.

Zinc Bromide 

A solution for completion fluid in oil and gas operations.

Zinc Bromide B.G.

A clear, colorless to pale amber aqueous solution that is used for industrial applications such as Redox batteries.

Zinc Calcium Bromide

A colorless to pale amber aqueous solution used as a completion fluid in oil and gas operations.
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