A natural-based approach for your unmet needs


A natural-based approach for your unmet needs

ICL manufactures a variety of ingredients and formulations for the global cosmetics industry, which are based on specialty minerals whose unique properties provide substantial advantages to cosmetics companies and consumers alike. By providing natural-based products that replace traditional cosmetic grade ingredients, we work with global manufacturers to address their unmet needs. All of our formulations are produced in accordance with strict cosmetic industry standards.


ICL is revolutionizing the cosmetics industry with its CareMag® brand – a series of products that give manufacturers the freedom to formulate aluminum-free deodorants, heavy metal-free face masks and lead-free diaper rash relief cream.

Our CareMag® product line is an innovative, natural-based magnesium derived from Dead Sea minerals, which creates a true revolution in personal care. Hypoallergenic, sustainable and highly reliable, CareMag® products help deodorant, face mask and diaper rash cream manufacturers adopt the natural way.


CareMag® ST

CareMag® ST is a natural-based magnesium carbonate solution for cosmetic applications, including skin care & make up.

CareMag® M

CareMag® M is a natural-based magnesium hydroxide solution that is highly effective in face mask formulations.

CareMag® D

A body odor-controlling magnesium hydroxide carbonated agent used to formulate aluminium-free deodorants.
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    We would love to hear from you!