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FR excellence that covers your needs

Textile, Adhesives & Coatings

FR excellence that covers your needs

ICL cultivates a long-standing partnership with manufacturers from the textile, adhesive and coating industries, who require highly effective solutions that meet strict safety standards. They trust our flame retardants for textiles, coatings and adhesives to cover their needs.

Textiles, coatings and adhesives are extremely flammable, requiring heightened flame retardant efficiency. Our comprehensive portfolio of flame retardants addresses a wide range of flammability problems in the textile and coating industries, while catering to markets such as upholstery fabrics, curtains, apparel, protective clothing, adhesives and paint & coating applications. Our sustainable flame retardant solutions, which include a range of innovative polymeric flame retardants, assist manufacturers in developing textile and coating products that are gentler on the environment.

Our commitment to the dynamic needs of the textile, adhesive and coating industries is further enriched by expert customer support, which is provided from unique laboratories throughout all relevant manufacturing stages.


TexFRon® 3000

An FR for cotton/cotton rich blends. Durable for over 100 laundry cycles (bonded with the cotton).

TexFRon® 5001

Useful for FR treatment of 100% synthetic fabrics – polyester, acrylic blends, nylon blends and more.

Phosflex® T-BEP

Phosflex® T-BEP is used as a leveling agent in waxes, floor polishes and paper coatings.

Phosflex® 362

"Ethyl hexyl diphenyl phosphate ester from synthetic feedstock - a highly efficient plasticizer for PVC. "

Phosflex® 375

A proprietary plasticizer blend offering plasticizing performance alongside enhanced FR properties.

Phosflex® 390

An isodecyl diphenyl phosphate made from synthetic feedstock. An efficient plasticizer for PVC.

Phosflex® 4

A tri-alkyl phosphate ester used as a plasticizer and solvent for a variety of resin systems.

Phosflex® 71B

Mix of butylated (primarily monotbutylphenyl) triphenyl phosphate ester made from synthetic feedstock.

Fyrol® PCF

Fyrol® PCF is an additive flame retardant used extensively in rigid and flexible polyurethane foams.

Fyrolflex® RDP

Fyrolflex® RDP is an oligomeric phosphate ester flame retardant for engineered resin applications.
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