The high-purity prowess of natural Dead Sea salt


The high-purity prowess of natural Dead Sea salt

The Dead Sea is one of the world’s largest salt deposits. ICL sources and refines natural salt from the Dead Sea with globally recognized high purity levels. Our sodium chloride (NaCl) solutions are manufactured and packaged in a strict production environment that ensures optimal quality and complies with strict GMP, FDA, KOSHER, HALAL and HSSC 2200 regulations and standards.

Our commitment to high purity levels and superior quality standards is revered by the food industry, which relies on sea salt as an essential cooking ingredient. In addition to food-designated products, our salt is an essential component in widely diversified industrial applications such as textiles, leather tanning, and oil drilling.


Dead Sea Bath Salt

Natural crystal minerals that bring the therapeutic and relaxing value of the Dead Sea into the bathtub.

NaCl Fine and Coarse Food Grade

This high purity sodium chloride product is used as highly refined salt and maintains quality and food standards.

NaCl, Granular, Technical Grade

Technical grade granular salt is produced via evaporation of Dead Sea seawater and maintains quality & food standards.


A natural mineral salt (potassium magnesium chloride hydrate) harvested from the Dead Sea. FDA food grade approved.
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