Specialty minerals for special glass applications


Specialty minerals for special glass applications

The glass industry utilizes ICL’s specialty minerals to craft highly durable glass products for diverse applications. Calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide for glass are utilized to manufacture products with essential qualities such as transparency, hardness and unique chemical characteristics. These products are incorporated in a variety of appliances, including LCD screens, smartphones & tablets, microscopes, electric stovetops – and even aircraft canopies.

Our unique position within the glass industry stems not only from our minerals’ high purity levels, but also from our innovative R&D and responsive customization capabilities. Glass manufacturers also benefit from our high-quality facility standards, which are integrated across all production lines.


KP-MgO Powder

A multi-grade low-iron content solution used throughout the production of feed, food and technical formulations.

Scoralite® CaCO3

Scoralite® is a precipitated calcium carbonate powder of exceptionally high purity based on proprietary technology.

SIG-MgO Powder

SIG-MgO Powder is ideal as a raw material where very high purity and low to moderate reactivity are required.
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