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Advanced solutions for crop resilience

Crop Protection

Advanced solutions for crop resilience

Agriculture is one of the cornerstones of human prosperity. Yet as volatile conditions around the world expose crop fragility and endanger our global food security levels, ICL is strengthening its commitment to effective and sustainable crop protection.

Working with leading crop solution manufacturers, ICL develops specialized compounds that enable the production of tailor-made agricultural products. Our compounds, which are predominantly based on minerals sourced from the Dead Sea, can be found in countless products that enhance crop yield in a sustainable way.

Relying on our advanced R&D facilities and global manufacturing sites, our goal is to continue introducing advanced solutions and new developments that assist the global agriculture industry in building optimal crop resilience.



A liquid applied mainly as an intermediate in fuel additives, personal care ingredients and crop protection agents.


Used extensively in the flame retardant industry, and in pharmaceuticals, agriculture & other industries.


Used mainly as a chemical intermediate in the production of pharma & fine chemical intermediates.


The solution's main application is as a chemical intermediate for the production of crop protection products.

HBR 48%

Used for preparation of catalysts in PTA/PET production and as an electrolyte for energy storage.

HBR 62%

Used as a bromine source in a variety of chemical syntheses for high-level applications.

Methyl Bromide

A powerful fumigant used widely for quarantine & pre-shipment as well as space fumigation.

Phosphorous acid (50% solution)

A special H3PO3 grade that can be offered in limited quantities.

Phosphorous acid (70% solution)

Main applications such as a chemical intermediate include crop protection formulations, detergent additives and industrial specialties.

Phosphorous acid (80% solution)

H3PO3 can be supplied as an 80% solution in water.

Phosphorous acid (solid)

Solid grade is the highest purity of H3PO3 available in the market.

Phosphorus oxychloride

A transparent liquid produced from phosphorus trichloride and oxygen.

Phosphorus trichloride

An important intermediate for flame retardant additives, specialty fluids, pharma intermediates and more.

SIG-MgO Powder

SIG-MgO Powder is ideal as a raw material where very high purity and low to moderate reactivity are required.
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