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Phosphorous acid (solid)

Phosphorous acid (H3PO3) is a white crystalline powder produced from phosphorus trichloride. The solid grade is the highest purity of H3PO3 available in the market, with a very low level of impurities and low chlorides content.

In most applications, the product is used as a chemical intermediate – for example in crop protection formulations, detergent additives and industrial specialties. The product is available in 25 kg PE bags and 1000 kg bigbags with highly effective moisture barrier.

Formula: H3PO3

Packaging: Available in 1000 Kg Big Bags and 25 Kg PE bags (40 bags per pallet).


CAS Number

Key Benefits

  • A chemical intermediate
  • High purity grade product
  • An easy-to-use solution
  • Suitable packaging formats
  • Unique production capability
  • ISO certified production
  • REACH registered

Physical Properties

Melting point/range °C
Density 20°C, kg/ m³
Approx. 1800
Bulk density, kg/m³
Approx. 1000


White crystals
Assay w/w %
99.0 Min
Halogen as Cl– mg/kg
100 Max
Iron mg/kg
20 Max

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