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Mg solutions that break the mold


Mg solutions that break the mold

ICL manufactures a wide variety of magnesium products based on natural minerals sourced from the Dead Sea. Our magnesium product range includes oxides, hydroxides, carbonates and chlorides, which are highly advantageous due to their high purity levels and low heavy metal content. Global industries greatly benefit from magnesium’s unique characteristics, and it is therefore our goal to produce and supply highly pure and extremely innovative Mg solutions.

Manufactured in two separate facilities with distinct production methods, our magnesium products are designed to address specific industry needs. Magnesium oxides, hydroxides and carbonates are produced in pharmaceutical, food, feed and chemical grades that serve a vast range of health-related applications. Oxides are beneficial in metallurgical processes, rubber and plastics applications, and the manufacturing of other magnesium compounds. Magnesium chloride is widely used for environmentally favorable deicing purposes, as well as a wide range of industrial applications.


Basic Magnesium Carbonate – BMC Heavy

BMC Heavy is produced via a unique production method, which provides unique morphology and other characteristics.

Basic Magnesium Carbonate – BMC Light

BMC Light is manufactured in light grades with available densities ranging from 0.1 g/cc to 0.15 g/cc.

CareMag® D

A body odor-controlling magnesium hydroxide carbonated agent used to formulate aluminium-free deodorants.

CareMag® M

CareMag® M is a natural-based magnesium hydroxide solution that is highly effective in face mask formulations.

CareMag® ST

CareMag® ST is a natural-based magnesium carbonate solution for cosmetic applications, including skin care & make up.

DC-MgO Granulated

Granular magnesium oxide is used as an API in the manufacturing of tablets, capsules and sticks for pharma and nutra.

Dead Sea Bath Salt

Natural crystal minerals that bring the therapeutic and relaxing value of the Dead Sea into the bathtub.

Dead Sea MAG®

Dead Sea MAG® is a highly effective Magnesium Chloride ice melter that is safer to people, pets and the environment.


FR-20 is a high purity Magnesium Hydroxide for Polyolefins, Polyamides, PVC & other polymers.

HD-Magnesium Hydroxide

Spray-dried magnesium hydroxide powders for use in antacid preparation and mineral supplement manufacturing.

KP-MgO Powder

A multi-grade low-iron content solution used throughout the production of feed, food and technical formulations.

Magnesium Chloride

Approx. 47% magnesium chloride supplied as stable white flakes or pellets for use in a variety of applications.

MgO powder

Magnesium oxide light and heavy contains grades used throughout the production of pharma and nutra formulations.

RA Reactive MgO

RA Reactive MgO is intended for use where reactivity is required, as an acid scavenger in halopolymer systems, and more.

Scoralite® DC

A directly compressible powder made of calcium carbonate, pregelatinized maize starch and many other binders.

SIG-MgO Powder

SIG-MgO Powder is ideal as a raw material where very high purity and low to moderate reactivity are required.

Transformer Steel MgO

Tailor-made grades of magnesium oxide annealing separator for electrical steel manufacturing.
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