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High-purity Dead Sea-based KCl products


High-purity Dead Sea-based KCl products

The Dead Sea is home to an abundance of natural minerals, which are known for their high-purity qualities. ICL’s potassium chloride is based on Dead Sea carnallite, which is processed via physical methods – with no chemical intervention – to produce high-purity KCl products.

ICL is the only supplier of sea-sourced potassium chloride for the food & pharma industries. From sourcing to packaging, we employ a strict and successive potassium chloride production process that ensures high-purity levels, with zero dependency on external materials. Our potassium chloride solutions are also used extensively in feed applications and industrial applications such as gas drilling and metal treatment.


Dead Sea Bath Salt

Natural crystal minerals that bring the therapeutic and relaxing value of the Dead Sea into the bathtub.

KCl Feed Grade

Potassium chloride is used as a feed additive for animals to prevent malnourishment and to maintain optimal health.

KCl Food Grade

ICL is the sole producer of non-mining-based Food & Pharmaceutical KCl grades.

KCl Pharma USP

ICL's USP grade pharmaceutical KCl is used for many applications, including hemodialysis, drugs and multivitamins.

KCl Technical Grade

Technical grades of potassium chloride are used in numerous industrial applications.
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