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Healthier table salt starts here

Salt Replacements

Healthier table salt starts here

Today’s health-minded consumers seek to equip their kitchens with better ingredients – especially ingredients used on a daily basis. One such product is table salt, which is required for everyday cooking and seasoning. Yet salt is notorious for its sodium content, and therefore more and more consumers are transitioning to low sodium salts.

At ICL, we offer low sodium sea salt products that allow manufacturers to replace salt’s sodium chloride with potassium chloride. Sourced from the Dead Sea and natural sea waters, our potassium chloride salt alternative is naturally processed, enjoys has a long shelf life, and tolerates different environmental conditions. It helps create healthier table salt, without impacting product texture.

In addition to table salt, food industry manufacturers integrate our KCl additive into a variety of food products, including dairy, beverage and bakery products. Our salt replacements comply with global regulations, ISO standards and FDA requirements.


Salt is a critical ingredient used in most food products for flavor enhancement, preservation and other functions. Salona® low sodium sea salt, is a natural sea salt from ICL Food Specialties that allows for a 25 – 50% replacement of sodium chloride. Salona is based on a mineral from the Dead Sea that is harvested from special evaporation ponds, washed, screened, dried and sized. Due to its unique structure and balance of cations, Salona is naturally low in sodium with only 1.7 g sodium in every 100 grams. This allows replacement of NaCl while maintain key properties and flavor. Salona can assist food manufactures in meeting consumers’ dietary demands while contributing functionality across many food segments. https://www.iclfood.com/sodium-reduction/



KCl Food Grade

ICL is the sole producer of non-mining-based Food & Pharmaceutical KCl grades.
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