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Building Better Fire Safety

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Building Better Fire Safety

Residential, commercial and public buildings address a myriad of basic human needs, but safety tops the list. With its wide flame retardant portfolio and worldwide-based production facilities, ICL is uniquely positioned to assist the global building & construction industry in manufacturing products with better fire safety characteristics.

Our flame retardant products are developed to comply with specific thermal building insulations, construction materials and industry methods. These include building industry fire-resistant products such as expanded and extruded polystyrene, rigid polyurethane, chipboard, and more. Committed to developing effective flame retardants for the construction industry, we address numerous modern industry needs, from high working temperatures and chemical resistance to non-surface migration properties and reduced smoke toxicity.

Our offering complies with strict regulatory demands for building industry fire-resistant products issued by specific countries and territories, while giving special attention to sustainability and environmental safety concerns. Polymeric flame retardants such as FR-122P, which are used in XPS and EPS applications, are a prime example of products that address sustainability concerns. Complementing our R&D expertise are our trademark security of supply and extensive technical support, which are of extreme significance to our industry partners.


F-2200 HM

F-2200 is a highly brominated epoxy resin. Its crystalline structure makes it easy to handle as a free flowing powder.


A polymeric brominated epoxy FR additive recommended for use as an HBr scavenger in XPS and xEPS compositions.

SaFRon® 6605

A cost-efficient FR system offering a Br and P solution for rigid polyurethane applications.


A high molecular weight polymeric flame retardant additive designed for EPS and XPS.


A reactive flame retardant that contains 60% aliphatic bromine.


Tetrabromobisphenol-A is widely used in the manufacturing of epoxy and phenolic resins.


FR-720 is a flame retardant additive containing both aromatic and aliphatic bromine.


FR-370 is a flame retardant additive for PP, PE and HIPS with excellent UV and light stability.


FR-1410 is an additive that features high bromine content coupled with exceptional thermal stability.
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    We would love to hear from you!