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An extensive portfolio for diverse industry needs

Chemical Manufacturing

An extensive portfolio for diverse industry needs

As the world’s largest bromine and bromine-based compounds producer, ICL’s expertly engineered solutions play a crucial role in a wide range of chemical manufacturing processes.

Our extensive product portfolio responds to a wide variety of industry needs, and is utilized by manufacturers to develop applications that range from photographic emulsions and cleaning solvents to highly effective metal degreasing agents. We join hands with manufacturers worldwide to develop solutions that address specific requirements, while complying with changing industry conditions and strict production guidelines.



A transparent liquid which can be used for various appliacations.


Applied as a chemical intermediate and solvent in (vapor) degreasing of metal parts.

Ammonium Bromide

Employed in pharmaceutical preparations, as a wood preservative, for water treatment and more.

Ammonium Bromide Solution

A proprietary technology for water disinfection treatment. Applied mainly in paper mills and heat transfer systems.


A liquid used for pharma & industrial intermediates, fragrances & flavors and more.

HBR 48%

Used for preparation of catalysts in PTA/PET production and as an electrolyte for energy storage.

HD-Magnesium Hydroxide

Spray-dried magnesium hydroxide powders for use in antacid preparation and mineral supplement manufacturing.

Hydrochloric acid (30% solution)

A base chemical with a very wide range of applications.

Magnesium Chloride

Approx. 47% magnesium chloride supplied as stable white flakes or pellets for use in a variety of applications.

Methyl Bromide IND

A colorless, odorless gas produced from the pure bromine source of the Dead Sea for versatile applications.

MgO powder

Magnesium oxide light and heavy contains grades used throughout the production of pharma and nutra formulations.

NaCl, Granular, Technical Grade

Technical grade granular salt is produced via evaporation of Dead Sea seawater and maintains quality & food standards.

Phosphorous acid (50% solution)

A special H3PO3 grade that can be offered in limited quantities.

Phosphorous acid (70% solution)

Main applications such as a chemical intermediate include crop protection formulations, detergent additives and industrial specialties.

Phosphorous acid (80% solution)

H3PO3 can be supplied as an 80% solution in water.

Phosphorous acid (solid)

Solid grade is the highest purity of H3PO3 available in the market.

Phosphorus oxychloride

A transparent liquid produced from phosphorus trichloride and oxygen.

Phosphorus trichloride

An important intermediate for flame retardant additives, specialty fluids, pharma intermediates and more.

Potassium Bromide

Used in combination with copper complexes as heat stabilizer in polyamide compounds.

SIG-MgO Powder

SIG-MgO Powder is ideal as a raw material where very high purity and low to moderate reactivity are required.

Sodium Bromide IND

Employed in various applications and as a bromide source for industrial reactions.
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