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Phosphorus oxychloride

Phosphorus Oxychloride (POCl3) is a transparent liquid produced from phosphorus trichloride and oxygen. Phosphorus oxychloride uses are diverse: the product is an important intermediate for flame retardant additives, specialty fluids, pharma & fine chemical intermediates and crop protection products. Due to the product’s hazardous nature, users need to take appropriate precautions upon handling. The product is only available in bulk.

Formula: POCl3

Packaging: Available in bulk (Isotank).

CAS Number


Key Benefits

  • A chemical intermediate
  • A high purity grade product
  • Suitable as flame retardant intermediate
  • ISO certified production
  • REACH registration

Physical Properties

Boiling point °C
Approx. 107
Melting point/range °C
Approx. 1.0
Density 20°C, kg/m³
Approx. 1600
Vapor pressure 20°C, kPa
Approx. 4


Clear Colorless liquid
Assay w/w %
99.7 Min
30 Max
PCl3 w/w %
0.05 Max
Iron mg/kg
2 Max
Arsenic mg/kg
5 Max

Typical Values

Assay w/w %
PCl3 w/w %
Iron mg/kg

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