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Formulating building blocks for excellence

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Formulating building blocks for excellence

Pharma manufacturers rely on ICL’s bromine-based intermediates to synthesize Active Ingredients (API, AI) that serve as essential building blocks in the chemical structure of pharmaceutical formulations.

By introducing bromine atoms in specific positions, our intermediates are also essential in creating different chemical structures. In yet another function, our bromine-based compounds are used to produce a wide range of intermediate raw materials.

In addition to bromine intermediates, we manufacture a range of compounds that comply with high purity and efficacy industry standards, including calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, magnesium oxides, magnesium hydroxides and potassium chloride.


Potassium Bromide

Used in combination with copper complexes as heat stabilizer in polyamide compounds.

Methyl Bromide IND

A colorless, odorless gas produced from the pure bromine source of the Dead Sea for versatile applications.

HBR 62%

Used as a bromine source in a variety of chemical syntheses for high-level applications.

HBR 48%

Used for preparation of catalysts in PTA/PET production and as an electrolyte for energy storage.


Used extensively in the flame retardant industry, and in pharmaceuticals, agriculture & other industries.


This solution's applications include intermediates for fine chemicals, flavors & fragrances and personal care.


This solution's main application is based on chemical intermediate use, including organic synthesis.


Used as a chemical intermediate for the production of agrochemical products, quaternary ammonium salts and more.


Applied in the field of intermediates for fine chemicals, flavors & fragrances, and more.


Used mainly as a chemical intermediate in the production of pharma & fine chemical intermediates.
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