Mineral-based products for thriving food industries


Mineral-based products for thriving food industries

ICL is the mineral supplier leader of food-grade products for the food industry, which are based on high-purity minerals sourced primarily from the Dead Sea. From magnesium compounds to refined pure potassium chloride (KCl) and calcium carbonate, our mineral-based products serve as essential components in food additives, functional supplements, excipients, and sport & isotonic drinks. Product manufacturing is conducted under strict cGMP conditions and meets stringent pharmacopeia requirements.

Responding to a growing industry requirement for high-purity ingredients, our products allow food product manufacturers to craft unique solutions for health-minded consumers. As leading food additive manufacturers, we invest in cutting-edge R&D, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and sustainable practices. Our expertise is highly valued by food industry companies worldwide, who trust us to customize beneficial products that meet their specific needs.


HD-Magnesium Hydroxide

Spray-dried magnesium hydroxide powders for use in antacid preparation and mineral supplement manufacturing.

DC-MgO Granulated

Granular magnesium oxide is used as an API in the manufacturing of tablets, capsules and sticks for pharma and nutra.

MgO powder

Magnesium oxide light and heavy contains grades used throughout the production of pharma and nutra formulations.

Basic Magnesium Carbonate – BMC Light

BMC Light is manufactured in light grades with available densities ranging from 0.1 g/cc to 0.15 g/cc.

Basic Magnesium Carbonate – BMC Heavy

BMC Heavy is produced via a unique production method, which provides unique morphology and other characteristics.

Scoralite® DC

A directly compressible powder made of calcium carbonate, pregelatinized maize starch and many other binders.
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