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Committed to ESS success

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Committed to ESS success

ICL offers a robust portfolio of advanced electrolyte materials for bromine-based energy storage solutions (ESS), which provide bromine-based flow batteries with better capacity capabilities, longer duration and higher cost-efficiency values.

Aligning with the continuous and highly promising expansion of the global renewable energy market, ICL is committed to developing innovative energy storage solutions that elevate important performance parameters. Our ESS portfolio includes recyclable zinc bromide and hydrobromic acid-based electrolyte blends that are customized in accordance with specific client needs.

Complementing our electrolyte blends is a line of state-of-the-art Bromine Complexing Agents (BCAs), which can also be customized by request. Adding Bromine Complexing Agents to the electrolyte blends helps retain the advantages of bromine as a strong electroactive compound, while effectively handling challenges brought on by certain chemical reactions.



An effective bromine complexing agent for circulating bromine-based batteries.


A strong Bromine Complexing Agent (BCA) in bromine-based batteries.

Zinc Bromide B.G.

A clear, colorless to pale amber aqueous solution that is used for industrial applications such as Redox batteries.
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