MEP is a strong Bromine Complexing Agent (BCA) in bromine-based batteries. During the discharge, the Br2 complexes with MEP and creates so-called “bromine fused salts”– which helps retain the advantages of bromine as a strong electroactive compound and decreases the rate of battery self-discharge.


Formula: C7H16NBr

Solubility: Highly soluble in water, ZnBr2 solutions, HBr, organic solvents.

CAS Number


Key Benefits

  • A bromine complexing agent
  • Controls the amount of available bromine released during the battery operation and minimizes corrosion and bromine vapor

Typical Properties

Colorless to slightly yellow liquid with a slight amine odor
Vapour pressure Odorless
13 mbar @ 20°C
Boiling point/range °C
Specific gravity of 65% aqueous solution
Molecular weight

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