R&D Ingenuity meets high manufacturing standards


R&D Ingenuity meets high manufacturing standards

As a global specialty minerals company, ICL has a rich history of developing cutting-edge solutions, specialized compounds and industrial additives that meet the needs of diverse industries. From inorganic bromine water solubility to chemical reaction oxidizing, our bromine-based products are known for a range of unique properties that simplify their integration throughout various stages in the production process.

Our industrial solutions influence a wide range of global-scale industries, from motor vehicles and aviation to metal, agriculture and electronics. Harnessing our R&D ingenuity to meet our customers’ specific needs, our impact is measured by continuous service excellence, reliable product support and high manufacturing standards.

Industry Fields


Phosphorous acid (solid)

Solid grade is the highest purity of H3PO3 available in the market.

Phosphorous acid (80% solution)

H3PO3 can be supplied as an 80% solution in water.

Phosphorous acid (70% solution)

Main applications such as a chemical intermediate include crop protection formulations, detergent additives and industrial specialties.

Phosphorous acid (50% solution)

A special H3PO3 grade that can be offered in limited quantities.

Phosphorus trichloride

An important intermediate for flame retardant additives, specialty fluids, pharma intermediates and more.

Phosphorus oxychloride

A transparent liquid produced from phosphorus trichloride and oxygen.
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