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Translating smart science into effective biofilm removal

Microbial Solutions

Translating smart science into effective biofilm removal

Relying on the world’s richest source of bromine, ICL offers a range of anti-microbial solutions for industrial applications.

Our bromine-based biocides are highly effective for a wide range of microbial treatments, with a significant advantage of high effectiveness in neutral-to-alkaline conditions. Known for their exceptionally high biofilm treatment capabilities, our bromine-based biocides are applied in cooling towers, paper production plants, oil drilling operations and other industrial water systems worldwide.

Our R&D team collaborates with the world’s leading academic researchers and industry innovators, in an effort to transform scientific knowledge into solutions that address significant water treatment challenges. Our anti-microbial water treatment solutions are complemented by global technical and regulatory support, in compliance with the required regulations in the specific country of use, including European BPR registration and US-EPA FIFRA registration.


Ammonium Bromide (Fuzzicide)

A biocide formulation used throughout the paper production process and in industrial water treatment applications.


A highly effective biofilm treatment solution for large pipelines and paper mills.


A single component biocide solution based on an oxidizing bromine source, used in a range of applications.


A quick kill broad spectrum biocide used in diverse industrial water system applications.

Sodium Bromide WT

Used for industrial water treatment, recreational water treatment and municipal wastewater applications.
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