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Ammonium Bromide (Fuzzicide)

Ammonium Bromide is a biocide formulation that is used throughout the paper production process and in industrial water treatment applications.

Ammonium Bromide is available as a solid-grade formulation, as well as a liquid solvent with a concentration range of 35%-38%.

Formula: NH4Br

35% ready to use solution or, as a solid in free-flowing compacted form.

Packing: Ammonium Bromide is supplied as compacted material in 500 big bags or polyethylene bags of 25 kg net each and as a solution in 1000 liter IBCs.

Ammonium Bromide is applied as 35% solution

CAS Number


Key Benefits

  • Superior biofilm treatment efficiency
  • High efficiency in high pH conditions

Typical Properties

Assay %
> 98.5
Loss on Drying %
< 1
Transmit of 20% Sol 410 nm %
> 80
pH of a 5% aqueous solution
> 4.5 ; < 5.5
Chlorides (as Cl-) wt %
< 0.2
Iron (as Fe2O3) ppm
< 5
Alkal Earth Metals (as Ca) %
< 0.01

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