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Care products with exceptional value

Personal Care

Care products with exceptional value

Today’s personal care consumers value natural-based ingredients and sustainable practices that promote individual and collective well-being. As the personal care industry strengthens its commitment to personal health and environmental care, our high-purity Dead Sea minerals and innovative R&D capabilities help formulators craft products with exceptional value.

Our magnesium and bromine-based intermediates are used as essential building blocks for the development of a wide range of personal and skin care products. Applications relying on our intermediates include quaternary ammonium salts, sunscreen UV filters, shampoo chelating agents, and more. Our brominated organic intermediates are commonly used in the development of specific fragrance components for home & personal care products.



The solution's high purity allows for applications including pharma, industrial additives and personal care.

Dead Sea Bath Salt

Natural crystal minerals that bring the therapeutic and relaxing value of the Dead Sea into the bathtub.

Scoralite® CaCO3

Scoralite® is a precipitated calcium carbonate powder of exceptionally high purity based on proprietary technology.
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    We would love to hear from you!