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Scoralite® CaCO3

Scoralite® is a precipitated calcium carbonate powder of exceptionally high purity that is based on proprietary technology. Featuring a unique cubic shape, Scoralite® has superior physical properties that are highly valued in the pharmaceutical, food, nutraceutical and high-end technical industry. Its morphology and low reactivity create better mouthfeel and taste.

Manufactured in France under GMP II regulations, Scoralite® might be used as an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) for osteoporosis treatment. Scoralite® is also available with extremely low levels of heavy metals like Pb, Fe, Al, Hg, As and Cd (ICH Q3D compliant).

Scoralite® is also used as a source of calcium in a wide range of food applications such as infant food and dairy products, and can also serve as the base for the manufacturing of calcium salts such as citrate, ascorbate and lactate. It can also be used as an anti-caking agent and as a whitening agent for TiO2 substitute.

Formula: CaCO3

Packaging: 1Mt Big Bags or 20kg Bags

CAS Number


Key Benefits

  • PCC (precipitated calcium carbonate) in accordance with EP, GMP2, EP/USP, E170, FCCS22000 & ICHQ3D
  • Food-grade, pharma-grade & technical grade precipitated calcium carbonate powder
  • Extremely low heavy metal impurities (especially low lead)
  • Cubic shape (smaller tablets)
  • Better taste, mouthfeel & whiteness
  • Better flowability with tableting machines


98,5 - 100,5%
Lead (Pb)
Arsenic (As)
Loss on drying
Total viable microbial count
E Coli
Abs. in 10g
Bulk Density
typical 0,9-1,2 g/mL


residue on 325#
typical 1,5%
Free flowing white powder

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