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Solutions for the tire industry. And much more.

Rubber & Plastics

Solutions for the tire industry. And much more.

ICL is a leading supplier of bromine and sodium bromine solutions that are essential to the butyl rubber halogenation process, creating bromobutyl rubber that is used extensively throughout the tire industry. By reinforcing their inner lining, bromobutyl rubber provides tires with crucial low gas & liquid permeability qualities, while preventing erosion and enhancing driver safety.

Non-tire rubber applications include pharmaceutical stoppers and articles such as tank linings, conveyor belts, and protective clothing, which require excellent resistance to chemicals, weathering and ozone.


Basic Magnesium Carbonate – BMC Heavy

BMC Heavy is produced via a unique production method, which provides unique morphology and other characteristics.


Used extensively in the flame retardant industry, and in pharmaceuticals, agriculture & other industries.

HBR 48%

Used for preparation of catalysts in PTA/PET production and as an electrolyte for energy storage.

MgO powder

Magnesium oxide light and heavy contains grades used throughout the production of pharma and nutra formulations.

Potassium Bromide

Used in combination with copper complexes as heat stabilizer in polyamide compounds.

RA Reactive MgO

RA Reactive MgO is intended for use where reactivity is required, as an acid scavenger in halopolymer systems, and more.

Sodium Bromide IND

Employed in various applications and as a bromide source for industrial reactions.
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