Bromine is part of the halogen group. Bromine is used extensively in the flame retardant industry, as well as in pharmaceuticals, agriculture and other industries. A highly reactive and a powerful oxidizing agent in the presence of water, bromine reacts vigorously with amines, olefins and phenols, as well as aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, ketones and acids, brominating them either by addition or substitution.

Formula: Br2

Toxicity: Bromine is corrosive to eyes, skin and mucous membranes. Liquid or concentrated bromine vapors may cause severe burns that ulcerate and are slow to heal. Direct contact results in serious corneal and skin burns.

Prolonged exposure may cause chronic bronchitis, contact and allergic dermatitis.

Packaging: Bromine is supplied as a liquid in lead-lined steel portable tanks (isotanks).

Storage & Handling: Bromine needs to be store in a dry, well-ventilated area, away from incompatible materials. Outside shaded or detached storage areas are preferred.

Containers/ Isotanks should be stored upright and all be clearly labelled.

Glass, ceramic, nickel or lead containers are suitable for Bromine. Only highly fluorinated plastics (PVDF) will resist corrosion.

A free space of 10% by volume should be left in the container.

CAS Number


Typical Properties

Heavy red-brown, fuming liquid with a sharp, harsh irritating odour
Melting point/range
-7.3 °C
Boiling point/range
58.8 °C
Evaporation rate (ether=1)
Vapor pressure
175 mmHg (20°C)
Vapor density
Solubility in water
– 3.5 g/100ml at 20°C
Partition coefficient (n-octanol/water)
LogP – 1.3 (estimated)
Explosive properties
Not explosive
Oxidizing properties


Bromine Assay %
Min – 99.8
Iodine (ppm)
Max – 1
Chlorine (ppm)
Max – 60
Heavy Metals (as Pb) ppm Heavy Metals (as Pb) ppm
Max – 1
Residue after Evaporation (ppm)
Max – 30
Specific Gravity at 20oC
Min – 31.2
Sulfur Compounds as SO4 (ppm)
Max – 10
Moisture (ppm)
Max – 30
Total Organic Matter as Carbon (ppm)
Max – 30
Iron (Fe) ppm
Max – 1

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