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Impact Your EV

ICL is a global supplier of flame retardants for the automotive and transportation industry, offering a wide portfolio of solutions that enhance fire safety. We find special pride in servicing an industry that embraces change with lightning speed, and whose commitment to innovation is geared to revolutionize our world.

Our flame retardant solutions play a crucial role in protecting functional and structural automotive components, as well as essential mass transportation vehicle applications. Embracing a future-oriented approach, we have tailored our FR expertise to the needs of the growing electric vehicle (EV) market. Our offering includes flame retardants for battery cases and much more; our fire retardant solutions impact a variety of EV applications, including charging stations, battery enclosures, battery & charging connectors, infotainment systems, wire & cables, sealants and adhesives, and interior components.

Known for their high efficiency, our automotive flame retardants are also coveted by manufacturers for their compliance with sustainable standards. Automotive and mass transportation companies worldwide benefit from our reliable security of supply and the highly reliable technical support provided by our teams.




FR-20 is a high purity Magnesium Hydroxide for Polyolefins, Polyamides, PVC & other polymers.
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    We would love to hear from you!