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Food-based formulations for personal well-being

Nutraceutical & Supplements

Food-based formulations for personal well-being

Consumer choices are impacted by a growing awareness for personal well-being, and the correlation between health and food nutrition has become widely accepted. At ICL, we provide a highly extensive variety of ingredients for nutraceutical supplements, which are used by manufacturers in specific food-based formulations. Our materials are characterized with low lead and low heavy metal content, and adhere to high quality standards.

We work closely with leading food manufacturers around the world, who seek tailored solutions that meet their distinct and highly dynamic needs. Our product offering is complemented by a global supply chain and reliable distribution channels, which allow us to provide excellent service under a multitude of circumstances.


HD-Magnesium Hydroxide

Spray-dried magnesium hydroxide powders for use in antacid preparation and mineral supplement manufacturing.

DC-MgO Granulated

Granular magnesium oxide is used as an API in the manufacturing of tablets, capsules and sticks for pharma and nutra.

MgO powder

Magnesium oxide light and heavy contains grades used throughout the production of pharma and nutra formulations.

Basic Magnesium Carbonate – BMC Light

BMC Light is manufactured in light grades with available densities ranging from 0.1 g/cc to 0.15 g/cc.

Basic Magnesium Carbonate – BMC Heavy

BMC Heavy is produced via a unique production method, which provides unique morphology and other characteristics.

Scoralite® DC

A directly compressible powder made of calcium carbonate, pregelatinized maize starch and many other binders.
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