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Bromochloromethane (Chlorobromomethane, CBM) is a transparent liquid. The bromine used for the production of Bromochloromethane is sourced from the Dead Sea. Bromochloromethane uses are versatile, including pharma & industrial intermediates, fragrances & flavors as well as a key intermediate for preservation systems in the leather industry. Bromochloromethane is listed under the Montreal protocol, which requires appropriate product stewardship. The product is available in drums and bulk containers.

Formula: CH2BrCl

Packaging: Available in bulk (Isotank). Composite drums 370 Kg per drum, 4 drums per pallet.

CAS Number


Key Benefits

  • A chemical intermediate
  • A source of bromine and chlorine (in the same molecule) for chemical applications
  • Global supply chain
  • Unique production capability
  • ISO certified production
  • REACH registered

Typical Analysis

Boiling point/range °C
Melting point/range °C
Specific gravity, 20°C
Vapor pressure
117 mm Hg at 20°C
Vapor density(air=1)
Solubility in water
1.5 g/100ml at 25°C
Solubility in water
Soluble in most organic solvents


Assay (GC) %
Min – 99
Moisture (by KF) ppm
Max – 400
Color APHA
Max – 10
Acidity ml
Max – 1
Dibromomethane %
Max – 0.5
Specific Gravity
Min – 1.92

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