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Ammonium Bromide Solution

Fuzzicide™ is a proprietary technology for water disinfection treatment with excellent biocidal properties. It is applied mainly in paper mills and heat transfer systems.
The production of the biocide is made on site by using proprietary dosing machines, ammonium bromide and the appropriate oxidizer.

Formula: NH4Br

Packaging: Ammonium Bromide is supplied in 25 kg valve bags

Flammability and Explosivity: Non-flammable and non-explosive. On heating to sublimation, dissociates into ammonia and hydrogen bromide.

CAS Number


Key Benefits

  • A bromide salt
  • Inorganic salt
  • A chemical reagent
  • A PH adjuster in pulp and paper

Typical Properties

White Crystalline Solid Clear Colorless
Assay %
Loss on Drying %
Transmit of 20% Sol 410 nm %
pH of a 5% aqueous solution
Chlorides (as Cl–) wt %
Iodides (as Il–) %
Sulfates (as SOl4) Wt%
Heavy Metals (as Pb) ppm
Iron (Fe) ppm
Non-Volatiles %
Alkal Earth Metals (as Ca) %
Insoluble in Water %

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    We would love to hear from you!