FR-370 is a flame retardant additive developed for applications such as PP and HIPS. With its outstanding UV and light stability, FR-370 reaches V-2 class according to the UL 94 standard.

FR-370 was initially designed as a flame retardant additive for polypropylene, in order to provide a response to the fast-growing and developing field of PP, which was in need of a new and highly sophisticated FR solution. The chemical structure of the brominated component is responsible for the product’s excellent UV and light stability, leading to a superb appearance of the molded component.
FR-370’s high melting temperature (181˚C) permits the production of highly filled masterbatch concentrates. FR-370 is melt-blendable and melts at the processing temperature of PP.

CAS Number


Key Benefits

  • The combination of both a high bromine content (70%) and phosphorous (3%) contributes to excellent flame retardant efficiency
  • Easy to process and can improve flowability
  • Solves blooming in flame retardant grades of PP


Specific Gravity
Bromine Content
70% (3% P)
Melting Range / Point-Softening Range
M.P. 181°C
TGA %WT. Loss @ Temp.
1% @ 282°C 5% @ 309°C 10% @ 319°C

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