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MERQUEL® 52 is used for oxidation of mercury present in flue gasses after combustion of coal in power stations/incinerators. The oxidation process converts mercury into ionic species that can be removed via downstream pollution control devices, such as wet FGD systems.

MERQUEL® 52 can be sprayed directly on to the ground coal feed to the boiler. It can also be utilized for bromination of activated carbon injected into the flue gas, thus oxidizing the mercury and removing it from the flue gases. Tests have shown that low dosage rates of calcium bromide result in removal of over 90% of the mercury across the scrubber unit.

Formula: CaBr2

Packaging: MERQUEL®52 can be supplied in 340 kg drums, In Bulk, or Intermediate Bulk Containers – IBCs 1,700 Kg as required.

CAS Number


Key Benefits

  • Reacts with mercury
  • A mercury oxidizer
  • Improved air quality and Environmental protection

Typical Analysis

clear solution
Assay (as CaBr2
Min 52% Max 54%
Density 20/20 °C g/ml
Density 20/20 °C lb/gallon
Crystallization point (°C)
pH (1:10 dilution)
Chlorides (CI)
% 1
Boiling point °C (°F)
130 (266)

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    We would love to hear from you!