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MERQUEL®45 is a source of elemental bromine. As a bromine-containing compound, MERQUEL®45 can be used by coal-based power plants to oxidize the mercury present in the coal, thereby enhancing the overall removal of mercury and reducing downstream and air pollution. MERQUEL®45 can also be utilized for bromination of activated carbon injected into the flue gas.

Formula: NaBr

Packaging: In Bulk or Intermediate Bulk Containers – IBCs 1,450 Kg

CAS Number


Key Benefits

  • Reacts with mercury
  • A mercury oxidizer
  • Improved air quality and environmental protection

Typical Properties

Water clear odorless liquid
Clear solution
Bromide %
min 44.5, max 45.8
Density at 200C kg/m3
min 1.47
pH of a 5% aqueous solution
min 5.5, max 8.5

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    We would love to hear from you!