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MERQUEL®96 is a source of elemental bromine. As a bromine-containing compound, MERQUEL®96 can be used to oxidize the mercury present in the coal, thereby enhancing the overall removal of mercury in downstream pollution. In addition, MERQUEL®96 can be utilized to brominate activated carbon injected into the flue gas.

Formula: NH4Br

Packaging: It can be supply in: As a free flowing compacted product in big bags of 0.5 MT.

CAS Number


Key Benefits

  • Reacts with mercury
  • A mercury oxidizer
  • Improved air quality and Environmental protection

Typical Analysis

White briquettes
Appearance of 20% solution
Clear, colorless
Assay %
99.5 min
Chlorides (as Cl-) %
Heavy metals (as Pb) %
0.0003 max
Insoluble in water %
0.005 max
Iodides (as I-) %
0.006 max
Iron %
0.0002 max
Loss on drying %
0.2 max
Non – volatiles %
0.01 max
pH of a 5% aqueous solution
4.5 – 5.5
Resistance to KMnO4 minutes
10 min
Sulfates (as SO4) wt%
0.005 max
Transmittance of 20% Sol, 410 nm, %
96 min

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