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TexFRon® P

TexFRon® P is an Oeko-Tex® accredited flame retardant additive developed for textile & adhesive applications. As a wash durable water-based brominated acrylate copolymer, TexFRon® P may be applied by a variety of application techniques including spray, pad, print, coat, foam & brush. It is most suitable for polyester, acrylic blends and cotton/polyester blend fabrics.

Key Benefits

  • Chemically bound bromine within an acrylic copolymer dispersion
  • Inherent FR properties
  • Flexible film forming
  • Homogeneous system
  • Effective flame suppression on a variety of fabrics
  • Good transparency
  • Self-binding – no additional binder needed
  • Compatibility with a majority of textile finishing chemicals
  • Good pH stability
  • Ability to achieve soak/laundry durable FR fabrics
  • Fully polymerized non-leaching bromine system

We would love to hear from you!

    We would love to hear from you!