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VeriQuel® R100

VeriQuel™ R100 is a phosphorous-rich reactive intermediate capable of chemically binding into the polymer matrix of polyurethane (PUR) and polyisocyanurate (PIR) systems.

VeriQuel™ R100 is soluble in most common organic solvents and exhibits outstanding polymer compatibility. A very good TCPP replacement, VeriQuel™ R100 is designed for use in PIR roof and wall insulation, closed cell spray foam insulation, and rigid polyurethane foam. Incorporation of VeriQuel™ R100 in appropriate PIR and spray foam formulation helps meet required fire safety standards for insulation applications in the building and construction market.
As an OH bearing compound, VeriQuel™ R100 is non-emissive in PIR and closed cell spray foam formulation. VeriQuel™ R100 is a low viscosity liquid, providing very good viscosity cutting characteristics that allow it to serve as a good processing aid in typical high viscosity PUR and PIR formulation systems.

Key Benefits

  • All-phosphorous reactive flame retardant for Polyurethanes
  • Very efficient viscosity diluent

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    We would love to hear from you!