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Phosflex® 362

Phosflex® 362 is an ethyl hexyl diphenyl phosphate ester made from synthetic feedstock. It is a highly efficient plasticizer for PVC, with very good low temperature flexibility and excellent solvating properties for fast fusion.

Phosflex® 362 has excellent compatibility in PVC and other plastics. When formulated correctly, it performs well in vinyl composites for outdoor applications where exposure to UV irradiation and weathering is critical.

Phosflex® 362 has been found useful in flame retardant foamed vinyl and vinyl alloys (PVC/nitrile rubber), calendared sheet goods, and outdoor PVC applications. In certain rubbers, it can be useful as a solvating material that improves the tactile feel and flexibility of elastomeric composites.

CAS Number


Key Benefits

  • Excellent plasticizing efficiency
  • Excellent compatibility with PVc, vinyl alloys and other resin systems
  • Very good low temperature properties
  • Low VOC
  • Enables the formulation of low smoke vinyl compounds


Specific Gravity
Phosphorus Content
Viscosity mPa.s - 25°C
TGA %WT. Loss @ Temp.
2% @ 180°C 5% @ 200°C 10% @ 210°C

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