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Phosflex® 71B

Phosflex® 71B is a mixture of butylated (primarily monotbutylphenyl) triphenyl phosphate ester made from synthetic feedstock. It is an effective flame retardant plasticizer with good compatibility in PVC and other plastics such as modified PPO and PC/ABS alloys.

When formulated with conventional plasticizers, Phosflex®71B yields cost-effective systems balanced for flame retardancy and plasticizer efficiency. Its high thermal stability allows it to be used in engineering resins for flame retardancy, while also improving melt flow characteristics. It is also used as plasticizer in intumescent coatings formulations, showing good compatibility with APP and thixotropic properties in epoxy resins.

CAS Number

56803-37-3, 65652-41-7, 78-33-1

Key Benefits

  • Excellent flame retardant efficiency
  • Transparency during FR effect
  • Good thermal stability
  • Excellent compatibility in PVC and engineering resins


Specific Gravity
Phosphorus Content
Viscosity mPa.s - 25°C
TGA %WT. Loss @ Temp.
2% @ 215°C 5% @ 235°C 10% @ 250°C

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    We would love to hear from you!