Fyrol® 6

Fyrol®6 is designed for use as a reactive flame retardant in polyurethane foams. Fyrol®6 is a reactive phosphonate ester that is incorporated into the foam structure by reacting as a polyol. It can also be used to aid in the bonding process for flame lamination of fabric with flexible foams. Fyrol®6 can be used as a flame retardant for printed boards and printing wiring board applications.

CAS Number


Key Benefits

  • Reactive flame retardant for Polyurethanes
  • Very efficient viscosity diluent

Typical Properties

Specific Gravity
Phosphorus Content
Viscosity mPa.s - 25°C
TGA %WT. Loss @ Temp.
5% @ 170°C 10% @ 195°C

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    We would love to hear from you!