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Fyrolflex® Sol-DP

Fyrolflex® Sol-DP is an oligomeric, free-flowing solid pastilles phosphate ester flame retardant. Fyrolflex® Sol-DP is designed for use in engineered resin applications such as polyphenylene oxide alloys, PC and PC alloys.

CAS Number

Proprietary, solid dust free pastilles

Key Benefits

  • An efficient flame retardant in styrenic polymers
  • Well used in bio-polymers (PLA) and Polyolefins such as LLDPE for DIN-4102 B2; PP foams, FMVSS302; non-woven NFPA-701 in textile applications.
  • Because it is a melting solid (MR ~ 105°-108°C), offers processing advantages over other non-halogen additives currently offered for the same application


Specific Gravity
Phosphorus Content
Viscosity mPa.s - 25°C
M.R. 105-108°C
TGA %WT. Loss @ Temp
2% @ 300°C 5% @ 335°C 10% @ 350°C

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    We would love to hear from you!