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Fyrol® PCF LO

Fyrol® PCF LO is a high purity, ultra-low odor flame retardant additive with very good hydrolytic stability. It is used extensively in rigid and flexible polyurethane foams.
Fyrol® PCF LO is soluble in most common organic solvents and exhibits outstanding polymer compatibility. It is widely used for laminate roofing and spray formulations. A class II ASTM E84 rating can be achieved with Fyrol® PCF LO. In addition, Fyrol® PCF LO ahas superior hydrolytic stability for A or B components.
Fyrol® PCF LO can be used with unsaturated polyester resins and phenolics. It is an adjunct flame retardant for flexible-melamine foams and meets the British BS-5852 test. The additive may also be used in thermoset and thermoplastic materials, as well as for textile finishes.

CAS Number


Key Benefits

  • Very efficient flame retardant for Polyurethanes
  • Very good hydrolytic stability in blended formulations
  • Very efficient viscosity diluent
  • Lower emissions than Fyrol® PCF


Specific Gravity
Phosphorus Content
Chlorine Content
Viscosity mPa.s - 25°C
TGA %WT. Loss @ Temp.
2% @ 145°C 5% @ 165°C 10% @ 180°C

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    We would love to hear from you!