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Scoralite®: Enhancing the benefits of calcium carbonate

Scoralite®: Enhancing the benefits of calcium carbonate

Many industries rely on the properties of calcium carbonate to craft unique products. But Scoralite®, the calcium carbonate developed by Scora under GMP standards, offers a long list of unmatched advantages.

Caffiers, which is located in northern France, just minutes away from the city of Calais, is the home of a production site named Scora. But Scora is not an average production site. It is a cutting-edge facility owned by ICL, which houses three distinct production plants. One plant is used to manufacture magnesium compounds. The other two are dedicated to calcium carbonate.

In this article, we'll cover Scora's high-purity calcium carbonate production, which is named Scoralite®. Over the years, the Scoralite® offering has gained a proven reputation for supporting the needs of many industries, from calcium carbonate for food to calcium carbonate for pharmaceutical use and cosmetics. Scora and Scoralite® bring many unique characteristics and distinct advantages to the table. If you haven't yet heard of them, then this article is for you.

Scoralite® Powder

Scoralite® is manufactured in both powder and granulated form. Let's start our discussion with powder grade Scoralite®. Using a proprietary production technique, the Scora site creates precipitated calcium carbonate powder known for its unique cubic morphology. As a result, chewable tablets made from Scoralite® powder will provide better mouthfeel while also allowing manufacturers to produce smaller tablets. The powder's high purity contributes greatly to optimal whiteness levels and low lead content that many industrial clients desire. In addition, tablets created with precipitated calcium carbonate Scoralite® powder feel less "chalky" when chewed and dissolve quicker in mouth saliva. The product meets the stringent ICHQ3D guideline regarding elemental impurities. 

Scoralite® DC

Scora's calcium carbonate is also produced in granular form, which is used to make tablets. There are a variety of ways to create granulated calcium carbonate; Scora uses fluidized beds to generate agglomeration and compound granulates with different binders such as (pregelatized) starch, PVP, maltodextrin, and more. This process allows us to swiftly convert the bound granulates into compressible grades suitable for tablet manufacturing.

One high standard. Many industry uses.

Calcium carbonate for pharmaceutical use is very common, and Scoralite® production lines were designed first and foremost to cater to the strict directives specified by the pharmaceutical industry. Used primarily as an active ingredient (API) for osteoporosis treatment, Scoralite® is also used as an ingredient in multi-vitamins and in calcium supplements that aid the treatment of various medical conditions.

As calcium carbonate for food is also frequently used, Scoralite® provides the food industry with many advantages. Scoralite® has an FSSC 22000 certification, and many food companies use it either as anti-caking agents, or as a source of calcium that improves their products' flavor and health profiles.

As for industrial uses, Scoralite® can provide many essential benefits. For example, Scoralite® can also be used as a white pigment (E170) alternative to titanium dioxide (TiO2) in multiple applications, or in optical glass applications due to its low heavy metal content.

GMP compliance

Regardless of the many advantages described above, one of the first thing our clients look for is our regulation compliance. In this regard, The Scora site and its facilities certainly do not disappoint.

Scoralite® precipitated calcium carbonate powder is manufactured under stringent GMP II regulations. Working with numerous pharma and food industry clients, we are committed to ensuring optimal regulation compliance. A state-of-the-art Scora lab conducts testing to ensure that continuous GMP quality assurance is attained.

Scoralite® DC is produced in a separate facility. Since Scoralite® DC granulates are compounded with binders, we are obligated to comply with high GMP I standards. In fact, due to our GMP I compliance, the French authorities have classified Scoralite® DC as medicine.

Scoralite® - simply better calcium carbonate

The Scoralite® story can be viewed from many angles. It is a story of a state-of-the-art production site in northern France, which operates in accordance with standards that very few can emulate. It is a story of Scora's dedicated employees and in-house research unit, which pave the way for continuous progress and advancement. And it is a story of high-purity minerals, whose qualities possess the potential of making great products even greater.


European Business Director, ICL Specialty Minerals

Mr. Bert Horemans

European Business Director, ICL Specialty Minerals

Mr. Bert Horemans is the European Business Director at ICL Specialty Minerals. He holds an M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering Technology from the KUL University in Leuven, Belgium. Mr. Horemans joined ICL in 2009 and has held multiple positions within the Industrial Products Department. He started out in the Industrial Solution Department, dealing with bromine and bromine derivates for a wide range of applications in selected European countries. He then became European Sales Manager for the Biocide Division. Since 2019, Mr. Horemans has been an integral part of the Specialty Minerals Division, where he leads the EU sales team and is responsible for – amongst others – the S&M of the Scora product line.

Director of Marketing and Sales, ICL-IP

Mr. Muki Cohen

Director of Marketing and Sales, ICL-IP

Mr. Muki Cohen is Director of Marketing and Sales at ICL IP. Mr. Cohen has over 25 years of commercial experience in specialized ingredient manufacturing and distribution. His expertise includes solution-based mineral technologies for solution-driven applications, as well as process technologies for high-quality product development in the pharma, food and dietary supplement markets. Mr. Cohen's extensive sales & marketing experience includes specialty sales and technical product development. His expertise is focused primarily on mineral science, mineral compositions, mineral interactions, and predicated behaviors.

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