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Dead Sea MAG®: The natural ice melter for pet-friendly homes

Dead Sea MAG®: The natural ice melter for pet-friendly homes

Many deicers promise to melt ice quickly and effectively, but neglect an issue of utmost importance: pet safety. Dead Sea MAG®, the magnesium chloride deicer developed by ICL-IP, is a solution known for its high performance and paw friendly prowess.

The waters of the Dead Sea contain a unique blend of natural minerals that are known all over the world for their therapeutic qualities. The mineral with highest concentration (approx. 20%) in the Dead Sea is magnesium chloride. Ask any traveler taking a dip in the Dead Sea, and they will tell you that the effect of the water on their skin is absolutely blissful.

Dead Sea magnesium chloride is a significant component in a variety of health-promoting products, from bath salts that soothe the skin to magnesium oil that helps alleviate muscle pain. Due to its many positive qualities, it is not surprising that magnesium chloride is used in many applications.

Deicing Done Different

It is rather ironic that Dead Sea magnesium chloride, which originates from one of the warmest places on earth, can also benefit people living in ice-cold winter environments.

Among its many applications, pure magnesium chloride acts as a very effective ice-melter.  People living in cold climates use ice-melting products ("deicers") to melt the ice that accumulates in their driveway and outside their doorstep. Most deicers are essentially salt-based products (sodium chloride, calcium chloride, and others).

Magnesium chloride, however, is not your average salt, and therefore it is also not your average deicer. The reasons that make magnesium chloride deicer the best total ice-melter available also make it safer for both people and pets.

Dead Sea MAG®: Pet-safe magnesium chloride

Dead Sea MAG® was developed as a powerful deicer that has significant advantages over other common deicers. Based on pure and natural magnesium chloride extracted from the Dead Sea, Dead Sea MAG® starts melting ice immediately, melts more ice at lower temperatures, leaves no residue, and is less damaging to concrete. But perhaps its most important feature, alongside its proven effectiveness, is that it is very gentle on pet paws.

Pet safety is a major concern during deicing activity. Some deicing products emit heat and therefore can cause a burning sensation when stepped on barefoot, thus putting pets at immediate risk. In addition, the toxicity of other products used for deicing can also be risky for pets, who have a tendency to lick their paws. Last but not least, most deicers contain salt crystals with jagged edges, which can injure pets who walk on treated surfaces.

As a pet-friendly deicing solution, Dead Sea MAG® alleviates these safety concerns. For starters, magnesium chloride does not cause a burning sensation on bare feet or paws. Second, due to its very low toxicity levels (three times less toxic than salt), pets can lick their paws after walking on Dead Sea MAG®, with no threat to their safety. And lastly, Dead Sea MAG® pellets are shaped like spheres and quickly dissolve into a homogenous solution – rendering the jagged edge concern irrelevant.  

Gentler On You – Harder On Ice

The official slogan created for Dead Sea MAG® is "Gentler on you – harder on ice". Indeed, this is a fitting description for a solution that melts ice in the most effective ways possible, while posing no threat to pets or children who often walk and play in ice-treated environments.

Is magnesium chloride safe for pets? In 2022, ICL Group commissioned COMPLIFE, a renowned testing laboratory, to subject its magnesium chloride hexahydrate to dermatological testing – with an emphasis on its effect on sensitive skin. The conclusive results classified the product as non-irritating.

Just how pet-friendly is Dead Sea MAG®? Just think of it this way: Dead Sea MAG® is pure magnesium chloride – the same mineral that is used for soothing bath salts and magnesium oil. Magnesium chloride is also the mineral with the highest concentration in the Dead Sea, which is visited by countless travelers who wish to soak in its therapeutic waters.

Safety that Never Slips

Landscapers and building maintenance companies constantly search for solutions that best address their clients' needs. When it comes to deicing, many key factors play an important role. Obviously, ice melting efficiency is paramount, but it's not the only concern. Pet owners are keen to walk on iceless driveways and sidewalks, but never at the expense of the safety of their furry friends.

We pride ourselves on providing a deicing brand that is incredibly effective, safer for the environment, and easy on the paws. Feedback received from companies who use Dead Sea MAG® report high satisfaction levels, and we are determined to introduce our deicer to new audiences. And while taking credit for providing the best total ice-melter available is tempting, the accolades belong to the Dead Sea and its natural magnesium chloride.

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