Home Blog BromoQuel®: A safety solution that simplifies bromine leakage incident treatment

BromoQuel®: A safety solution that simplifies bromine leakage incident treatment

BromoQuel®: A safety solution that simplifies bromine leakage incident treatment

Modern progress benefits from bromine, which is commonly used by many industries. Yet bromine handling can be dangerous and requires extreme safety measures. Relying on an innovative mindset and fueled by a desire to simplify leakage incident treatment, ICL developed a cutting-edge solution that enhances bromine safety.

Most people don't think about bromine very often. But bromine (Br) is an element that is absolutely crucial to daily life. It is practically everywhere, and modern humanity relies on it in more ways than we could possibly have room to describe.

For example, bromine helps facilitate a wide range of industrial and manufacturing processes. It is used by the food industry to protect food consumed by millions. It helps create effective flame retardants that prevent fire and save lives. Energy storage solutions rely on bromine. Bromine is used in the production of motor vehicle tires. The pharmaceutical industry relies on it, as well. So does the textile industry. It is used to manufacture biocides that eliminate water-borne bacteria and viruses. The list goes on and on.

Bromine safety comes first

Manufacturing sites all over the world have a long tradition of bromine usage for their application production, and yet bromine innovation never sits still. Various industries employ labs and research facilities that come up with new and effective ways for using bromine for the benefit of global society. Yet if there is one thing that everyone who deals with bromine knows, it is this: bromine is a hazardous material that must be handled with utmost safety.

Bromine safety precautions are very well known, and are implemented in industries over the world due to bromine hazards. There are strict protocols for every bromine safety hazard scenario, including leakage incidents that can endanger the physical well-being of workers and employees.

The traditional response

As the world's leading bromine producer, bromine safety is a top priority for ICL – and we urge our partners and clients to prioritize it, as well.

When our R&D team began thinking of ways to improve the response to bromine leakage incidents, the first thing it did was analyze current practices and protocols. The traditional response to bromine leakage incidents often includes dangerous materials – for example ammonia. In addition, reaching the bromine leakage source can be quite challenging – even for skilled first-responders. As a result, this response is often not very efficient from a time perspective.

Realizing that many industries can benefit from a product that can potentially revolutionize bromine safety, we began working on a solution. Our goal was to craft a response that provides quicker treatment, while minimizing personal risk and enhancing sustainability. The result was BromoQuel®.

Introducing BromoQuel®

Launched in 2022, BromoQuel® is ICL's truly unique patented bromine neutralization system. In case of a leakage, it allows emergency teams to coordinate a quick and simple first response. While not intended to replace the traditional response to bromine leakages, BromoQuel® is effective in reducing harmful emissions and helps protect nearby personnel.

How does BromoQuel® work?

First of all, let's describe its physical features. BromoQuel's main component is an extinguisher that holds a bromine complexing agent formulation solution developed by ICL. This complexing agent is highly effective, as it can treat both liquid and gas phases.

Resembling an average extinguisher, BromoQuel® use requires no special skills whatsoever. All emergency team members have to do is stand at a safe distance (10-20 meters) from the bromine leak, point the nozzle, and spray. What happens next is incredible. Several minutes after it is sprayed with the complexing agent, the bromine stops evaporating and is complexed into a solid form that can be cleared to a safe area.

What are BromoQuel's main advantages?

By preceding the necessary traditional response to bromine leaks, BromoQuel® allows emergency teams to reach the leak quicker and execute a quick response. This quick response provides the teams with better conditions for deploying the traditional and more complicated response.

The BromoQuel® response:

  • Helps achieve initial control with maximum quickness and simplicity
  • Is very user-friendly and does not require a unique skill set
  • Treats both gas and liquid phases
  • Can be deployed from a safe distance

How does BromoQuel® enhance sustainability?

Bromine leakages can harm the environment. When our R&D team developed BromoQuel®, they set their sights on a solution that would be capable of capturing maximum amounts of bromine in both liquid and gas phases, in order to minimize soil penetration and air pollution.

Once the bromine is sprayed with the BromoQuel® complexing agent, it solidifies in a matter of minutes. This is important from an environmental standpoint, as it allows first responders to collect the complexed bromine and store it in a facility designed for such materials. Eventually, the substance can even be recycled.

A better future requires better bromine safety

After its development, BromoQuel® underwent rigorous pilot stage testing in various ICL sites. Its success prompted ICL to add BromoQuel® to its on-site emergency response protocols – and to begin distribution to production facilities, chemical plants and laboratories worldwide.

BromoQuel® encapsulates the belief that a safer and more sustainable world requires innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. ICL's safety-first mindset has paved the way for a solution that is destined to redefine bromine safety.

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